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Frobel Sixth Form College

Frobel Sixth Form College takes pride in the support and experience we provide our students.

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To submit an application to attend the Sixth Form College, contact our office to have a form posted or emailed to you. Alternatively, you can apply here using our online form.

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Private Exam Centre

We are a JCQ approved exam centre with readily available facilities to help you take a step further in your education.

We welcome external students, those who are re-taking exams as well as students interested in taking part in any early exams.

You can sit at our exam centre for

GCSE, IGCSE, A-Levels and Functional English – Read More

Frobel Learning Centre

We take students according to their level not according to their age. At the initial stage we need to check your child’s level, for that we take assessment test which is diagnostic in nature. Once the assessment test has been marked, the results are then sent to the head teacher and parents are then informed about their meeting with the head teacher to discuss the report.

This assessment test is of utmost importance as it helps the parents as well as tutors to diagnose the improvement areas of the child and to further devise teaching learning strategies accordingly. Read More


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